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Free advice is rarely good;

Good advice is rarely free. (tm)

We offer expert arena consulting to prospective clients, including on-site inspection and advice specific to each individual property and owner's needs. This service is based in the accumulated knowledge of a lifetime of horsemanship and decades of successful arena building in the Pacific Northwest.

We do still answer initial questions via the telephone, and are happy to do so, but MOST situations still really do require an in-person look at the site and conditions in order to give that "good advice" everyone wants and needs to get started in planning for their arena work. This is NOT a seminar on how to build an arena, as it takes years or decades to gain the knowledge that we put into every project.

As an on-site consultation can involve anywhere from a few hours to a full day of Rick's time, which includes driving time, fuel costs, often a bridge toll or ferry cost, and scheduling around other on-going work, we charge a consultation fee of $250.00 plus sales tax of 8.6% for a total fee of $271.50.

If the consultation is out of our usual range of travel (generally the Snohomish-King-Pierce counties area) we will add a time and mileage charge of $1.00 per mile over 100 miles round trip and $45 per hour travel time over one hour (based upon Mapquest distances and travel time from our address to yours).

If the consultation results in a client contracting us to perform work on their property, the arena consulting fee will be credited against the total amount of the work performed at the time of final billing.

We urge prospective clients to avail themselves of this service. It just might be the best money you spend on your arena project!

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