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We use and recommend the EZ Groomer(tm)

Models for 3-point tractors as well as larger garden tractors and ATVs

QUALITY you need, at a reasonable price!

Proudly made in the U.S.A., we are pleased to recommend this tool.

for ordering, please call Mike at (503) 956-8062

EZ Groomers for 3-point tractors

Perfect grooming in "felt" footings
Perfect grooming in sand footings

EZ Groomers for ATV four-wheelers

EZ level and smooth
EZ Groom for a perfect surface
EZ adjust for travel
EZ height adjustment

Compact design for EZ handling in tight places, EZ hookup and EZ storage.

RUGGED construction, simple adjustments.

All EZ Groomer models include multiple S tines, an adjustable leveling bar and a rear
conditioning roller. Tine tillage depth is easily adjustable to fine tune the EZ Groomer for normal maintenance as well as moving footing to even out depth and level the surface.

The ATV models come with a screw jack and gauging tires to allow
adjustment for the depth of the arena surface. The tires also are used to
transport the ATV EZ Groomer to and from the arena.

ATV kits are available at additional cost to convert the EZ-4, EZ-5 and EZ-6 to pull-behind use.

Excellent for grooming and maintaining sand, felt and rubber footings!

for ordering, please call Mike at (503) 956-8062

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updated September 6, 2015

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