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Arena Footings (TM)

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Premier dust-free footing technology

Indoor arena, private facility in Washington State.

We carry and install State-of-the-Art products for all disciplines.

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Our work has been endorsed by Andreas Hausberger, a Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria


Completed in June 2011, this is a superb riding surface as are all of our arenas.
Built in a very private facility in Washington State.




Stop Arena Dust without watering!


Equi-TERR & GrassyPavers (TM)

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Mud Abatement that really WORKS in the wet Northwest

The perfect paddock solution - labor savings, and improved hoof health.

Great for traffic-bearing landscaping, too! Use it for driveways, for extra parking that looks like a normal lawn, mud-free pathways for gardens and plantings.

Impervious surfaces create runoff and drainage issues - this grid product allows water to drain THROUGH it, yet still maintains a firm surface for foot or wheeled traffic.

We are the regional distributor for Grassy Pavers (TM).

We offer retail sales as well as installed facility improvements.

Technical Information for Engineers and Designers

available upon request

Improvements Plus, Inc.

Arena Rehab Specialists (tm)

cell (425) 923-7909

Licensed and Bonded Contractor in Washington State IMPROPI-085-J3

April 8 , 2015

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