MAG Flake Indoor Arena Dust Control

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

MAG for Dust Control in your Indoor Riding Arena



MAG Flakes freshly applied to a new, DRY, felt and sand surface – just beginning to “melt” in.

Decades of proven use in Europe and the Eastern USA, now available in the Pacific Northwest!

Finally, a SAFE, environmentally friendly, cost effective, natural product that really works to control dust in your indoor arenas with sand-based non-organic footings, as well as cutting your watering bill!

MAG Flakes (Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate) are longer lasting than “polymer” products that have to be re-applied every year. More effective and safer than oils or waxes. No sticky wax residue on hooves or skin.

We sell and ship MAG Flake magnesium chloride flakes all over the west!
Don’t be fooled by cheap products from unknown sources, claiming to be “just like MAG”.
Liquid substitutes sold by other firms are not as effective and DO NOT LAST like original pure MAG Flakes does. Our MAG Flakes are MUCH more concentrated and longer lasting than any “liquid mag” which is DILUTED with water for application!

We are the ONLY authorized MAG Flakes dealer in the Western USA.

We ship MAG to points all over the Inter-mountain West from our warehouse location in Billings, Montana, and along the west coast from our original facility north of Seattle, as well as into British Columbia, Canada and Alberta, Canada.

MAG Flakes (Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate), is extracted from the Dead Sea in Israel, pure and simple. The Dead Sea is lined with resorts and spas, where people safely soak in the therapeutic waters without fear of contamination from heavy metals or chemicals from industrial runoff!
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Shipping points in Washington State and Montana.
We stop arena dust ALL OVER THE WEST! Alaska and Canada too!

Easy and SAFE to apply without specialized equipment, easy to maintain, and effective over a long term in sand – based indoor footings.