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January 2017, 6 degrees Fahrenheit at Heidehof Farm near Colbert WA. Solid icy ground outdoors, nice freshly groomed Equi-Fleece footing indoors! The MAG keeps the footing from freezing all winter.

Beautiful new Equi-Fleece footing for San Sebastian Equestrian Center. Thanks Lisa!


Mon, January 12, 2015 1:51 pm

Just a note to follow up for you… we did receive the shipment, and we put down the recommended initial application amount on our footing to start. It worked very well, the next morning, there were puddles of water on top of the sand and I worked it all up with our drag.

It was amazing, because the next morning, the windows had no humidity on them, usually you can’t see out of them, and no dripping from the roof steel trusses either.

We put down another few sacks on the well traveled areas, and worked it up again, and it’s been dust free and humidity free pretty much since.

When it got down to 10 below zero outside, of course the windows frosted up. It’s warming now, my granddaughters were in there riding last night for a couple hours, and no dust.

I’m really satisfied with your product.

Thanks so much, Tom in Kalispell

Kandi Carter, Carter Cow Horses of Gillette, Wyoming, where it gets cold. Kandi’s comment about feeling warmer tells us that the MAG is really pulling the humidity out of the air to do it’s work in controlling dust!

photo courtesy of Laura Feldman, June 2013
We got a very nice note from Lisa Wolf, owner of Portuguese Bend Riding Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California – they purchased our EquiFleece product to rehab their dressage arena. Laura Feldman (manager) also sent along a couple of pics of an early morning ride, mist still rising off the arena. What a beautiful setting!

Rick Triplett, the Arena Rehab Specialist, and his company Improvements Plus, Inc., has helped us out so much on the new footing in our dressage arena this year. We got excellent prompt responsive service and fast delivery of the product we purchased from Arena Rehab.
Rick didn’t just sell us some additive and then disappear, he advised us on the type of material to use, how to install it, and what kind of machinery we would need to keep the footing performing well after the sale. Rick was always available via telephone to walk us through the details, including setup and use of our new EZ Groomer (also purchased through Arena Rehab) for maintaining the dressage ring.
The Equi-Fleece product is fantastic, it was easy to install, and it just gets better and better as we use it and groom it. Our new EquiFleece footing is not dusty and it stays cushy and nice even with heavy use. As we are a fairly busy boarding and training facility, keeping our clients happy is our main concern. Rick’s help and availability made it easy for us to have the riding arena we needed.
We get lots of compliments on our dressage ring, and our boarders and trainers love it!
Sincerely, Lisa Wolf, Owner – Portuguese Bend Riding Club

Andreas Hausberger, a Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School, remarked,
“I like this footing. It is very good, very good indeed! The horses are secure and do not slip at all.”
I am very impressed with the arena footing that we purchased from Rick Triplett of Arena Rehab Specialists. He did a wonderful job making our outside arena into an all weather, all year arena, when before we could only use it in the good weather of the summer.
We also had him do our inside arena as well, and are very pleased with the job that was done. Our horses are all moving better and much happier with the springy, more stable footing. The MAG really controls the dust and keeps the perfect moisture balance..
I would recommend Rick to do any arena, and welcome any questions or visitors who would like to look at his work.”
Ralph F. Dreitzler III
Raflyn Farms Dressage Center
Snohomish , Washington


Beautiful Indoor Arena at Red Wagon Farm
Mount Vernon, WA
Private breeding farm raising premium Dutch Warmbloods
Built Spring of 2011 , felt and sand footing with MAG indoor dust control
Refreshed Spring of 2014 with Equi-Fleece and added sand and MAG, still a beautiful hard-working footing.
Arena Rehab installed the footing in both my indoor and outdoor arenas at Red Wagon Farm, and I am thrilled with the finished product. On the indoor we used felt and MAG Flake dust control, the MAG is wonderful green product.

Since Rick installed the MAG Flake dust control we have not had to water and the moisture is very even, unlike using a sprinkler where you have some spots that are wetter than others. On the oudoor we used the EquiTERR Pro Panel pervious base, which provides perfect drainage and gives us a place to ride outside even during the rainy season.

Thank you,

Raflyn Farms Dressage Center, Snohomish, Washington
Indoor arena sand footing was done with a felt and sand blend for cushion, effective moisture and dust control, and an innovative base of our own design.
Outdoor Arena , summer of 2009, 70′ x 200′ Sand footing with felt and soil binder to create a perfect footing, just in time for the Andreas Hausberger Clinic held there in July 2009.
See how nice this surface is to work on, for both horses and humans! Not too deep, yet forgiving and resilient.

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for curing the mud problem in my paddock! I used to lie awake at night listening to the winter rain and worrying about my horses having to stand pastern deep in mud until spring.
Since you came and installed the “Grassy Pavers” (all 10,000 square feet of them), I could not be happier.Even the hardest rain does not cause puddles and mud is a thing of the past.The best part is that I am finally winning the battle against thrush that has afflicted one of my horses for the last two years. With the Grassy Pavers in the paddock his feet actually have an opportunity to dry out when he is put up at night, without having to be confined to a stall.
In addition, the rehab of the arena that you did is fantastic! My horses and I are very happy with the new sand and felt footing and it looks beautiful.
Thanks again for all the great work!Mary Little
I can honestly say that what Rick did has been the best arena I have ever ridden in. Even when we got that horrible rainstorm last winter (what was it 6 or 8 inches?) it drained amazingly well. I have had no problems with puddles-even when schooling in the rain it is solid-no fear of slipping. Over the years I have seen a lot of arenas with all types of footing and I am so glad Rick suggested what he did plus I never felt the footing was too deep-even in the very beginning. I tell anyone who is even thinking about putting in an arena about you. I just wish I could have afforded to go with a regulation size dressage arena – future expansion plans…

Feel free to bring people out to see the arena if you need to – I’d be happy to show it to them!
I know I am a bit out of the way but some people actually need to touch it
to believe how good it is.

Take care,
Stacey Sikorski